The Leopold Picnic

The Leopold Picnic is an annual event that is held every year on the last Saturday in July.
It is held behind the church on what is called the picnic grounds.  The date of the first picnic held is unknown, but was believed to have taken place in 1890 by way of celebration.  The first picnic, although it was perhaps not a means of financial gain to the parish, was no doubt the fore-runner of the picnics which date to the present time.  The Picnic is famous for kettle cooked food and homemade ice cream.  Games and dancing are also a big part of the picnic.

Home made ice cream!

Above:  A picture of the ice cream stand at one of the earlier picnics at Leopold.

Eating place for the picnics.

Above:  The eating area for the picnic.  This area is still used for meals at picnics today.

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Information for this page was taken from the "125th Jubilee" book.