About Me!!!

Hello, my name is Victoria Marie. I was born in Orlando, Florida. I moved to Leopold when I was 8 years old, and I am currently going to Leopold RIII School. I am a very active student. I play volleyball which is one of my favorite sports. Another favorite sport is HORSESHOES!!!! I throw horseshoes for the MOHPA (Missouri Horseshoe Pitching Association) and SEMO. I am currently the state champ and have been for 2 years in a row. I've broken every state record in the books also. This summer I plan on attending the world horseshoe tournament. When I'm not throwing horseshoes, I am working at a Girl Scout Camp. I am a camp counselor. I work with kids from ages 7 to 14. It can be a crazy job at some points, but I am a crazy person, and I love it.

  • To look at my state horseshoe records click here

    Hobbies, Interests, & Favorites

    • HORSESHOES!!!!
    • Volleyball
    • Girl Scouts
    • Being with my friends
    • Shopping
    • Watching T.V.
    • Working Shooting Matches
    • Texting
    • Music
    • Guitar Hero/Rockband
    • Gordon Horsehoes
    • Dogs
    • Horses
    • Blue
    • NCYC
    • Pep Club

    The Best People in the world (a.k.a My Friends. Without these people, my life would be nothing

    GOD!!!! Zach, Kylie, Mallory, Mackenzie, Abby, John, Lance, Carson, Lucas, Emily, Robert, Trent, Alyssa, Uncle Tony, Jesse, Dakota, Justin, Lauryn, Lonnie, Dustin, Trey, Desiree, Cougar Bait, Sugar, Sam, Jackson, Q-Bee, Mouse, Lumpy, Toad, M.O., Capt'n, Joe, Stuart, Tuck, Sassy, Lance, Kristie, Andrea, Katelyn and any one else i'm sorry if i forgot you

    My Family

    My family are the most important people in my life. Without them, I wouldn't even exist. I am pretty close to my family, closer than most families. Somethings I enjoy doing with my family are: going camping, playing guitar hero, throwing horseshoes, and just being with them.

    My Family Members

    1. Dawn- Mommy
    2. Keith-Step Daddy
    3. Katie-Sista
    4. Beth-Sista
    5. Carolyn-Grandma
    6. Darrel-Paw Paw
    7. Jenny-Aunt
    8. John-Uncle
    9. Steff-Aunt

    Favorite Quotes

    "If you think you are beaten, you are.

    If you think you dare not, you don't.

    If you like to win, but you think you can't

    it is almost certain that you won't.

    Life's battles don't always go to the

    stronger woman or man, but sooner or later

    those who win are the ones who think they can."


    "Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while."

    - Princess Bride

    "Nice and Easy Smooth and Natural"

    ~My Great Grandpa Victor (his horseshoe saying)

    "Spend every moment like it's your last because you won't get a second chance"