Hi my name is Taylor and I am currently a Sophmore at Leopold High School. I hope you enjoy learning a little more about me and the things I am involved in!

Family Sports Class Schedule Future Plans Interest


  1. Anthony Eftink-dad

  2. Karen Eftink-mom

      • Emma Statler-niece

      • Miley Statler-niece


I am involved in every sport I possibly can be. I hate not having something to do or not being involved in something if I have had the opportunity. I play volleyball and softball for my school, I am also a cheerleader for the basketball team. My all time favorite sport is softball; if I could I would live, eat, breathe, and sleep it! Outside of school I enjoy participating in Rodeo. In Rodeo I barrel race, pole bend, and chute dogg (which is kind of like steer wrestling, minus jumping off a horse).

Class Schedule

Hour Class Teacher
First Government Mr. LeGrand
Second Biology Mrs. Horrell
Third Geometry Mr. Thoma
Fourth Algebra II Mr. Thoma
Fifth Advanced Computers Mrs. Harvell
Sixth English II Mrs. Vinson
Seventh PE Mr. Thoma

Future Plans

After High School I hope to attend Yale, Harvard, Birkley, or Stanford...in other words a big college. If I don't make it in to one of these colleges I want to go to school to get my business degree. Then I hope to move on to graduate school to become a lawyer or a doctor who specializes in Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. After acheiving all this I will be ready to start my own business, all while starting a family of my own!