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  1. Gary (Dad)-works as the manager at Nu Way in Jackson.  He really enjoys working on his '68 Ford Fairlane and keeping things nice and neat around the house.
  2. Kim (Mom)-works at the FSA office in Marble Hill. She really enjoys taking pictures and spending as much time as she can with the family.
  3. Wendy (Sister)-works at Cape Care for Women.  She enjoys coming home as much as possible to visit with the family and play cards.
  4. Juli (Angel Sister)- was born on June 23, 1989.



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Future Plans
I don't know where my life will take me, but I hope to one day become a teacher at a small, close knit school similar to Leopold . After high school I will most likely attend SEMO so that I can stay close to my family and still be involved with my church. Then, hopefully get a job and get
married. Sometime after getting married, I would like to start a family.

Class Schedule
First Hour Math Mr. Thoma
Second Hour Business Tech. Mrs. Nenninger
Third Hour Music Mrs. Page
Forth Hour Current Event Mr. LeGrand
Fifth Hour World History Mr. LeGrand
Sixth Hour Spanish Mrs. Ponder
Seventh Hour English  Mrs. Wineman

About Me

My name's Shelby and I'm a junior at Leopold High School! I love my classmates, I don't know
what I would do without them! My sister is my best friend, but some of my other really close friends are:  Danielle, Emily, and Kyle. I love being involved and very active in CYC! In my free time I enjoy playing badminton and volleyball . Also, I like going to the movies, driving around, and spending as much time as I can with my family and friends!

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