Stacy Halter
Junior High English/Math, Mass Media  

Educational Background

The University of Iowa-Bachelors of Arts in Education
University of Missouri-Kansas City-Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction


Teaching Experience

22 years

   7 years North Kansas City-algebra, pre-algebra

   5 years Villa Duchesne- algebra, pre-algebra

   3 years Cape Girardeau- math, science

   5 years Zalma- math, science


Class Schedule                

P1 Math 7  P5 English 7
P2 Mass Media  P6 Math 8
P3 Alg. 1A     P7 Prep
P4 Alg. 1B  


Plans for this year

Help students be successful


Married to Derek Halter

4 kids: Brady, Hallie, Cooper, Jack

Other Interests/Hobbies

Puzzles, read, pickleball, movies

Memorable Events
Teaching at the same school as my children is pretty memorable.

 Updated:  Wednesday, September 1, 2021