*SeIrRa'S WeBpAgE*


~About Me~

I have attended Leopold School from the very beginning of my education, and I see myself finishing my High School years here to prepare myself for college. I have lived here all my life.

~My Family~

**My Mother:~Arleen~She was with me for the best seven years of my life. She passed away when I was seven on October 14,1997
*~She had Five Children~*

My Brother:~Danny~He has been there for me since I was little. After my mother passed away he took the role of my Guardian. He is everything to me.

My Sister:~Darlene~She has been there for me when I need her. She has been a person I can always count on. She is Married to Richard.
*They have three children:

        ~Autumn~She is 15 years old and is the joy in my life!!
        ~Amber~She is 9 years old and is really funny!!
        ~Rori~She is the baby of the three and is adorable!!

My Brother:~Randy~He has always been a good role model for me and the way I live my life. I look up too him! He is engaged the Lora.
*They have five children:

         ~Antonia~she is Randys first child. I love her with all I got!!
        ~Alissa~She is the oldest and is so caring!!
        ~Alexis~She is the bravest little girl Ive ever met!!
        ~Katlin~She is the cutest child I've ever seen!!
        ~Dominic~He is the youngest and is a cute baby!!

My Sister:~Ronda~She has been through a lot with her college and graduating and all. She is an inspiration to me and how she takes care of herself. She is single right now.
*She has one Child:

        ~Nicolice~He is Ronda's first child and is really adorable!!

~My Family means the world to me when i always needed someone to talk to or just needed some to be there they were always by my side to teach me, help me, and love me and I would just like to thank them for that and more!! ~

~My Friends!!~

*Amy B.
*Autumn V.
*Whittney L.
*My whole class of 2009
*Class of 2008
*And many* many* more*
(Danielle B.!!)

(Auddie, Amy and Me)        (Mr. Britt, & the girls of the class of 09')             (Whittney and Me)

(Thanx For all the Memories)

*My Classes*

Algerbra III -- Mr. Thoma
Buesness Technology -- Mrs. Nenninger
Chemestry -- Mr. Britt
Spanish -- Mrs. Ponder
World History -- Mr LeGrand
Gym -- Mr. Dugger
English -- Mrs. Grisso

*Interests and Hobbies*

Spend time with my whole family
Spend time with my friends
Being Young!
  Play VoLlYbAlL
*Watching movies*
~Phantom of the Opera
~Big Fish
~Moulin Rouge
~Pink Panther
~Will & Grace
~**And many many more**~
Playing any sport that is fun to me
Go out and do something fun
~*And much much more*~

**Clubs and Activities**

~Concert Choir~
~Pep Club~
~Business Club~
~Volleyball School and Summer~
~Church youth~
~USAV Volleyball~
~*And a lot more of exciting things*~

~My Favorite Singers & Bands~

*Christina Aguilera*
*Leona Lewis*
*Fall Out Boy*
*Good Charlotte*
*Carrie Underwood*
*Enrique Iglesias*
*Avril Lavigne*

~Favorite Cartoon Character~

*~Hello Kitty~*
*~The Cheshire Cat~*
*~Pink Panther~*

*Thanx For Stopping By!!!...*