Welcome to Sam's Homepage!!!

Hey, Hey, Hey, my name is Sam, and I'm a sophomore at LHS!


Cassi, Desiree

Monica, Shanda

Jessica, Margie

Maggie, Ingrid

Cassie, Marissa

Maggie, Ashley

Thomas, Arthur

Rusty, Keith, Ingrid, and Amy B.

And whoever I may have forgotten, I'm Sorry


Mother-Glenda--she is a great person. She is always there when I need her, and she is great to talk to.

Rick-My step--dad Rick is cool. He likes to go places, and you can always talk to him. He's the best substitute dad.

Dad--Brian. My dad does as much as he can for me even though he has a 7 day a week job. he's still cool, and he's great building car Hstereos.

My brother--Corey. He is 10, and he cares more about what he dresses like than I do. He is awesome.

Brittany-My sister or my best friend. I don't know what I would do without her. She is fun and loves to go places with me, but she's a crazy driver.

My Favorites

    Slipknot, Korn, Fall Out Boys, Eminem, System Of The Down, Greenday, Sara Evans, Big N Rich.

    I like to hang out with my friends.

    Drinking smoothies with Cassi.

    Going to the movies

    I really like collecting frog stuff



      My Future Plans

      My future plans...I am planning on joining the Army. I would like to become a nurse and be one of the few in my family to do something with their life.

      "God will never put anything on your shoulders you can't handle"

      "Life is what you make it"


      1st hr-English II

      2nd hr-Government

      3rd hr-Music

      4th hr-Math

      5th hr-Biology

      6th hr-Advanced Computers

      7th hr-P.E.

      Thanks come back soon!!!!