Ryan's Web Page

About Me

My name is Ryan. I live on a farm with my dad and mom and my 4 sisters. I am in 10th grade at Leopold High School. I like living on a farm, raising animals, farming, driving and a whole lot of other stuff. Also I have 1998 chevy truck that I like to drive anywhere I go. I play basketball and I am in Beta, Business, and Pep Club and I am also in Concert Chior.

Things I Like


  1. Geography/Government
  2. Biology
  3. High School Music
  4. Applied Math
  5. Advanced Computers
  6. English 2
  7. P.E.


Future Plans

My future plans are to graduate Leopold High School. Then have a job as a mechanic at my dad's shop. I also would like to get married and have kids. I would like to stay around here and buy some land and build a nice house. Also I would like to live on a farm, so I can farm on the weekends.

Thank You For Visiting My Page!!