This is Rusty and Welcome to my webpage!!

I live in Marble Hill, but I go to a small school in Leopold!!

If you want to go to the Leopold School Homepageclick here

Places I like to hang out

If you ever want to see me, you will probably see me at my youth church Freedom Rock!! If you want to go to Freedom Rock's Webpage click here

My Hobbies and Interest

1. Skateboarding

2. Basketball

3. Deer and Turkey Hunting

4. Going to Cape or Freedom Rock

5. Riding my mule or my horse

6. Playing pool with my friends

My Friends:
Leamon Joey Tiffeny Corey Shane
Matt Eric April Russ Bobby
Eric(generic man) Monica Bryan Dusti Tyler Ben Kayla

My Cousins
Jackie Chelsea Ethan Evan Katie
Aaron Stacy Emily Tara John Tyler Donnie
Michelle Josh Misty Ronnie

My Uncles and Aunts
Randy and Tina Lloyd and Tammy Paul and Joyce Roy and Phyllis Rick and Bev
John and Debbie Ronnie Rick

My Family

I am Rusty, and welcome to my family. I am the youngest at 16, and I guess I have a pretty cool family.

My Dad and Mom are Russell and Rhonda-

They are pretty cool, and I am lucky I have them. My dad works at Proctor & Gamble

My Brothers are Kyle (23) and Derek (26)-

They are awesome, and they go hunting with me all the time. Kyle works at Kay Jewlers in the mall in Cape. Derek also works at Proctor & Gamble with my Dad.

My Sister is Dj (18)-

She is a special little girl my parents adopted, and everytime you see her she is either reading some book or giving advice about a book.

My Favorites



Music=Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Country

Animal=Horse, Mule, Dog

Food=Pasta, Chinese


My Future Plans

I want to get married to a beautiful girl and have 2 or 3 kids. I want to learn how to play the drums when I get older. I want to be a missionary because I like helping others. If this don't work out, I am going to be a state patrol. I want to have a big beautiful house. I want to have at least one son to go hunting with. I want to be a good dad and have a nice polite family.

Peace my Brother-Peace to America

My Websites


Freedom Rock