About Me

Hello my name is Rudy. I have two sibilings and two parents. They are all very loving and caring individuals that would do just about anything for me within their power. I live on a small farm where we raise chickens and pigs to eat and sell. I also have one cow, three horses, some dogs, and a couple of cats. In this next paragraph I am going to tell you all about me and the things that I enjoy doing. Two of my all time favorite things to do is hunting and fishing with my family and friends. I like to do this because it is very calming, peaceful, and relaxing. I also love everything about Dodge vehicles. They are probably the greatest motorized vehicle manufacture in the world.

  1. Government
  2. Biology
  3. Art
  4. Algebra 2
  5. Advanced Computers
  6. English II
  7. P.E

My hobbies consist of:

This pink tractor is on here because Matt said that John Deere tractors are for girls. He told me that I might as well put a picture of pink tractor on this web page so I did. Tractors are really fun to drive and to work on. My dad and I are looking into getting a tractor, but we haven't made it that far yet. I would love to own a John Deere, but we probably have to settle for something that is a little less expensive.

My future plans consist of going to a technical college to become something or another. At this point in my life I don't know what I want to do. I just know that I am going to go to the career center and get a job in some kind of field. After completing one of their two year courses I should be qualifed to do whatever career I intend to pursue. I am going to go to a technical college to further my knowledge in the field and to make sure that my education cannot hold me back from getting a job.