Sweden is a country located in northeastern Europe.
I've lived in Swede n my wh ole life. As many people
think, Sweden gets pretty cold with a lot of snow dur
ing the winters. It is a country famous for its nature, a

nd its friendly peopl e. Stock holm is Sweden's capital.
I would really recom mend ev eryone to visit Sweden.

    Favorite sports
  1. Basketball
  2. Kickboxing
  3. Soccer
  4. Icehockey


Kickboxing was first started in Thailand. It slowly moved towards European countries
during the 1920's. It is still growing larger and larger for every day. It is a very
fun sport that does not require anything special from anybody. Anyone who would like to
could probably become a professional kick boxer.
I started kickboxing in January, 2006, and by May I was competing. I had practice six
days/week and four hrs/day. I would recommend everybody to try it.