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Try these informational sites for educators, parents and students.

MOREnet On-line Resources General--All subject areas
Math Science Social Studies English

MOREnet on-line references

More-Net Home Page

Finding Missouri Video series
Each of the 18 videos focuses on a single topic and lasts approximately 10 minutes. The videos feature documentary film footage, images of and spoken words from primary sources, reenactments of historical events and people, footage of historical sites and interviews with experts.

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia - based on the text of the "Academic American Encyclopedia" created for students in upper elementary, high school or college level.  It offers 35,000 entries that reflect a myriad of topics of contemporary interest.

EBSCOhostEBSCOhost is an online search and retrieval system for periodicals.  It brings the resources and materials you need directly to your workstation.

NewsBank provides the full text of news features, special interest stories, editorials, daily columns, letters to the editor, sports reports, death notices, obituaries and more from Missouri publications Kansas City Star, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Springfield News-Leader. A broad spectrum of  nationwide newspapers are also available: Chicago Tribune, Wichita
Eagle, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Des Moines Register, Louisville Courier Journal, Tulsa World and Christian Science Monitor.

Homework Helpers Online

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DESE Home Page
    Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education--a great resource for all teachers.
It also has information on teacher certification.

Southeast Missourian Daily Newspaper
    Catch the latest news and sports of the Southeast Missouri regional area.

KFVS  Channel 12 TV station
    Online source of  news, weather, sports, health, program listings, advertising, events, finances, and school closings--live, local, and late breaking.

School Express
    Great online resource for teachers containing free worksheets, activities, software, and more.

Homework Helper
    For middle school and high school--math, English, biology, chemistry, science, and social studies.

Success Link
    This is a new centralized source of teaching aids.

School Net
   A web site full of educational information, links to schools, Internet help, and more--perfect for teachers, students, and parents.

Americas Library
    This site is brought to you by the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world.  While the site was designed for young people, the goal is for children and families to explore these historical tales together.

Kids Castle
    The Smithsoniam Institute brings you this site geared for kids ages 8-16.  It features articles written about the things that interest kids today; sports, history, the arts, travel, science, and air and space.
    This site encourages you to become a great investigator--of history with its online activities.
      Computer literacy pretest and review.

Ask Jeeves      Type in a question and receive your answer.

Ask Eric  ERIC stands for Educational Resources Information Center.  This is a federally-funded national information system that provides a variety of services and products on a broad range of education-related issues.

MarcoPolo: Internet Content for Your Classroom
    MarcoPolo is a partnership between the MCI WorldCom Foundation and seven renowned education organizations.  It contains a wealth of educational resources.

The Educator's Toolkit
    This site has an enormous collection of links to good resources and has arranged them in useful categories that make it easy to find what you want.

Family Education Network
    This is a timely k-12 Internet community offering an amazing assortment of education resources, and activities all dedicated to children's learning.

    Features a search engine that draws from a database of over 115,000 grade-appropriate, expert-selected lesson plans, encyclopedia articles, and projects.

The PBS-hosted TeacherSource
    Featurs more than 1400 lessons and activites, recommended books, plus links to other fabulous sites.  Worth a look for some creative ideas.

PBS for Kids
    Great site for fun and education things for students.

Washington University Library in St. Louis

Fun School
    Has learning games for children from preschool age to sixth grade.  Designed to help chidlren learn, not to just occupy their time.

Let's Find Out
    Knowledge Adventure's on-line encyclopedia is an excellent tool for introducing children in upper elementary school to Web-based research.

For Teachers
    Site is a web-based publication with new features, interviews, Web lessons, and surveys added each moth.  Click here for rubrics for project-based learning with learning criteria, sorted by grade level and subject matter.

Missouri Resource Center
    The MRCCTE library contains over 5,000 print and audiovisual resources for educators in Missouri. Materials include curriculum guides, textbooks, manuals, teacher and student guides and activities. Out of state may not request library resources.

Columbia Education Center
    These lesson plans were created by teachers for use in their own classrooms.  Subject areas:
Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math, and Miscellaneous.

Detroit Daily News
    Use the newspaper as a teaching tool.  Weekly current events pop quizes.

The School Page
    Teacher resources from Art to Zoology, including an "Ask the Expert" section.

Brain Teasers and More
    Weekly updates to brain teasers, grades 3-8.

Enchanted Learning
    Great site for elementary.

Teacher vision
    Lesson planning center, free software, and other resources.

RHL School
    Your place to get an enormous supply of free quality worksheets for teching, reinforcement, and review.

Lesson Plans
    One of the best PreK-12 teacher resources on the Internet, and it is free.

Education Universe
    Collection of 2000 + lesson plans as a result of the 1998-99 Intel Applying Computers in Education Project.  Project trains teachers to integrate the use of computers into their own curriculum.

Teachers First
    A rich collection of lessons and web resources for K-12 classroom teachers, their students, and even students' families. Materials are arranged by subject area and grade level, making it easy to locate lesson plans and associated web resources quickly.

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Math Standards
    The Truth About Math Standards and Information Age Math Reform

Math Forum
    Math resoucres by grade levels and subject areas; web units and lessons.

The Geometry Center
    Resources for geometry.

Figure This
    Math challenged for families, funded by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Dept. of Education.
      Learn a lot of useful tricks and patterns that will help in fast mental arithmetic and will develop your numer sense using interactive technology.
    This site is specifically designed for jr. high students, but anyone can have fun and learn soemthing here.  The challenge is for students to learn how to do mental math quickly.  This is a great site that promotes deductive thinking.

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies
    Self-described "Interactive Math Lessons with a Problem-Solving Approach--lesson plans, activities, bulletin boards, and other resources to help teachers meet national standards for math instruction.

Enchanted Mind: Tangram Puzzle
    Look on this site for a series of cool hands-on geometry puzzles sure to engage and fascinate middle-school students.

The Math Forum: Teachers' Place
    This is a Swarthmore College-based site where K-12 math teachers can easily locate lesson plans (grouped by grade level) and activites.

Money Math
    Practical lessons in math from grades 7 and up.
The printed version of Money Math is available through an email request to: or download the lessons from Write  to Money Math: Lessons for Life, 200 Chestnut Street, Suite 231,Philadelphia, PA 19106, Tel: 215/597-2423.  Or send us a fax @ 215/597-2444.

Math Stories
    Your students can learn about math and reading on this site--features more than 4,000 word problems conventiently categorized by topic and difficulty level.  Entire sections are devoted to math problems based on fairy tales and the Harry Potter book series.  Subscription fee required.

Cool Math for Kids
    At this "amusement park for math", students can play dozens of games relating to various math skills.

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    Science teachers that cannot do actual dissections in their classroom can use this site to guide students through a frog dissection.  Actual photographs of a dissection are used and explanations given for each photo.
       Another frog dissection site.

Nine Planets Tour
    Site features an essay about our solar system with text, pictures, sounds, and an occasional movie.

NASA's Planetary Photojournal
    This is the place to go for those stunning photos you want toillustrate projects about solar system--more than 2000 published images.

Johnson Space Center
    Offers numerous space and science related experiences for both teachers and students.  Offers 30 plus Education Shortcuts to various sites that can be utilized with students and assist in lesson planning.

Bill Nye the Science Guy's Nye Labs Online
    "Science rules" with Bill Nye, king of the goofy bow-ties and video hsot to TV's most popular science program.

Rainforest Action Network
    A site celbrating the beauty and eoclogical diversity of rain forest habitat.

Zoom Dinosaurs
    This is an unbeatable resource for kids who can't get enough of the giant prehistoric reptiles.

Monarch Watch
    Invites you and your students to follow the fascinating annual journey of the familiar orange and black butterly as it migrates thousands of miles South for the winter.

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Social studies
    This offers a variety of different inquiry activities for the high school government/social studies classroom.
    A valuable site for all students studying America's Civil War; contains more than 1000 images.

National Geographic
    Delivers just what you'd expect from this venerable organization: colorful maps, fabulous photographs, special exhibitions, and information on a variety of global culture topics.

Ask Asia
    Award-winning source for Asian and Asian-American studies for all grade levels.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project
    An accessible, well-organized source for the speeches, sermons, letters, and papers of the great civil rights leader.

Castles on the Web
    This is a fascinating medieval studies site, exploring the important social and political role of castles in the Middle Ages.

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    Secondary English page.

Merriam-Webster Online: the Language Center
    You can access the full text of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Collegiate Thesaurus.  Includes "Word of the Day" and "Word for the Wise"

Word Central
    Merriam-Webster's site just for kids; clever, colorful, and thoroughly kid-friendly.

Book Adventure
    A web-based reading program for children ages 5-14; entertaining activities and printable "cool stuff" like certificates and bookmarks.

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Web Site
    You can enjoy a wealth of information about great books for kis, complete with reviews, excerpts, teaching ideas, and suggestions for in-class activites.

Inkspot: Resources for Writers
    Articles about young authors, ideas for teaching writing, and activiites to help students connect with professional writers. (site may be moving)
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