Me, Myself, and I...

    Hi, my name is Nathan, and I am in a junior at Leopold High School.  I am involved in numerous things in the school as well.  I love to watch basketball and baseball on T.V. and usually spend most of my time either on trucks, traveling, or with my friends.  I have gone through three vehicles in the past two years, and I currently drive a green 1998 pontiac grand am or a red 1989 Ford pick-up.  And it's not that I'm a bad driver....but that I just have terrible luck!  To find out more about me scroll down....


Here are all the things I participate in:

    I am a junior in high school and have been a member since my sophmore year.  It's lots of fun, and I enjoy it very much. Our sponsor is Mrs. Cooper, who is also the sixth grade teacher at Leopold. Leopold's BETA Club helps the members develop as people, and gives the members many chances to make life-long memories. For more about the club, check out our web site by clicking on the picture.


    I am also involved in two sports at Leopold School. The two sports are basketball and baseball. This past year in basketball I was on the Varsity team, and we ended up with a 12-13 record. Currently the baseball team is 3-0 with a nice looking season starting out with a new coach, Coach Britt.  Click here to go to the NBA and NFL sections.

Business Club & Pep Club

    I have been in Business Club since my freshmen year. We take field trips learning about different business careers. We go on tours throughout the businesses asking questions when we wonder about "how that works", and so on. Last year we went to Cape to the new fitness center in Southeast Missouri Hopitial. I have also been in Pep Club since my freshmen year. Members have to attend so many sports games a year, and compete in spirt week at our school twice a year. For more about the clubs, click on the picture link.

Interests and Sports

Things to Watch

Magic ManMagic and the Stars
    I like to watch people do things with magic tricks, and sit outside on summer nights and look up at the stars.  I'm sure that the magic and everything isn't real, but it's interesting to see how they play mind games with your eyes.  And as far as the stars go, it's just something that I use to relax myself and slow down life for a while.


Allen IversonNational Basketball Association
    I love all levels of basketball anything from high school, college, or the NBA. My favorite college team is the Oklahoma Sooners, and my favorite NBA team is the Denver Nuggets. Allen Iverson is my role model. He has led the league in scoring many seasons, has won the MVP award, and in 2001 led the Sixers back to the finals in almost 30 years. He is a great leader and shows his toughness on and off the court. Click the link above to see the NBA's website.


Dallas CowboysNational Football League
    I also love to watch football. I like all the hard hits, great throws, and all the thousand dollar fines players receive for the endzone dances. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.  Even though they were supposed to be really good this past season, they had some player-to-player problems and such.  They made the playoffs, and if you watch ESPN you know what happened....there's always next year.  Click on the link above to see the NFL's website.


I have a small family for the most part:
  1. Cindy (mom)
  2. Donald  (dad)
  3. Grant  (brother)

Future Plans

    Future Plans....uhh...all I know is that I am graduating high school and hopefully going to some kind of college.   I will try to get hired through Black River Electric and go to a two year technical school.  After all that, I'm going to try and find a place to stay near Leopold until I can buy some land and build a house.  After that I'll probably just hang out and die off someday.


I have a few hobbies here and there:

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