Matt's Webpage

My Family

My family constist of my dad Keith, my mom Shirley, my older sister Molly, and my older sister Katelyn. My dad works at Security Bank and Trust. My mom works at the Financial Aid section of the Divison of Family Service in Marble Hill. One of my sisters is a sophomore at Southeast Missouri University. The other sister is a junior in at Leopold School. I have two cats--a gray one and a tan one. I have one dog--a lab retreiver mix. I also have thirteen cows. Four of the cows are red and white and the rest are solid black. They are wonderful Cows.


My Schedule

  1. Government-Mr. LeGrand
  2. Biology-Mrs. Horrell
  3. Music-Mrs. Page
  4. Algebra II-Mr. Thoma
  5. Computers-Mrs.Nenninger
  6. English II-Mrs. Vinson
  7. P.E.-Mr. Kinder

    Future Plans

    My future plans are ordinary plans except for a couple of ideas. I hope to graduate from Leopold. I want to go to college and get a degree. Then I would like to be a farmer, but that does not pay all of the bills. So I would like to be a major corporation owner or a gas station manager. Those were the plans that are not ordinary. I would like to go to Kentucky for my college, but I will probably go to Semo.