Hi. My name's Mallory, and I'm a Sophmore here at Leopold. Welcome to my web page.

My Family

My dad (Dennis) is the General Manager for Coop Service Center. He enjoys hanging out at the farm and refereeing high school basketball, volleyball, and umpiring baseball and softball. My mom (Karen) is the Farm Bureau Insurance Agent. She enjoys being outside and planting flowers in the spring. My brother (Ashton) is 27 and is a Operations Officer on the PC CREW INDIA. He's in the Navy. He enjoys riding his motorcycle and working on the farm when he's home. He's one of my best friends.Then there are my grandparents John & Wilma, and Bob & Marie. They enjoy watching basketball games.

My Likes

My Friends

My Favorite Movies

  1. Lonesome Dove
  2. Remember the Titans
  3. Second Hand Lions
  4. Forest Gump
  5. Cabin Boy

My Class Schedule

1st Hour-Government-Mr. LeGrand

2nd Hour-Biology-Mrs. Horrell

3rd Hour-Music-Mrs. Page

4th Hour-Algebra 2-Mr. Thoma

5th Hour-Adv. Comp.Mrs. Nenninger

6th Hour-English-Mrs. Wineman

7th Hour-P.E.-Mr. Thoma

My Future Plans

For my future plans, I want to graduate from Leopold High School in 2011 I plan to go to Mizzou to become a large animal veterinarian. I want to speacialize in cattle and horse medicine. I would like to start my own practice. After college I plan to settle down and come back to this area, or possibly move out to Montana to a large cattle ranch. Someday I want to get married and start a family.

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