Lonnie's Home Page

My Family

My family is always on the move. Mom is Emily, Dad is Bobby, Brother is Rudy and Sister is Kelsey. Mom works all day. Dad work all the time. Rudy plays basketball non-stop. Kelsey is always reading. The only time we are not working is when we are fishing, or hunting.



I go fishing ever year with my family. We go to the Block Hole when the water is down, but this year the water was too high to go fishing. When we go, we stay until like two or three o'clock at night. One time we went my dad set out some trout lines and some jugs. My dad thought we lost one, but it was over by me. I was told to get. I had to snag the line that was on the jug. When I got it to the bank, there was about four to five foot long gar. We only had a eight foot john boat at the time. My dad was all the way across with a fish on a jug. So he used the trolie motor to get back to the sand bar. When he got there, I told dad about the gar on the jug he couldn't find. Meanwhile he was pulling the jug line in; and when he got the fish back to the bank, there was a 48lb flathead on the jug. So this is why I like to go fishing.


When I go hunting I like to go bow hunting. This is more of a hunt then with a gun. You can't reach the deerwith a bow like you can with a gun. That gives the deer more of a chance. I was told I could only start to go hunting if I could hit three arrows in a milk jug. That is the reason I like bow hunting better. You will mostly shoot only up to one to forty yards. You have to be still so the deer can get close. If you don't keep quiet, you probably won't see anything. Last year I went hunting and killed an eight point deer.

My Class

  1. Goverment - Mr. LeGrand
  2. Biology - Mrs. Horrell
  3. Choir - Mrs. Page
  4. Algebra - Mr. Thoma
  5. Advanced Computer - Mrs. Nenninger
  6. English - Mrs. Wineman
  7. P.E. - Mr. Kinder