Welcome to Larry's Home Page

Hello, my name is Larry Nussbaum. I am 16 years old and a Sophomore at Leopold High School.


Class Schedule

  1. English II - Mrs. Grisso
  2. Geography/American Government - Mrs. Leimbach
  3. Art - Mrs Ponder
  4. Algebra II - Mr. Thoma
  5. Biology - Mr. Britt
  6. Advanced Computers - Mrs. Nenninger
  7. P.E. - Mr. Dugger


Some of my interests include playing basketball. This year I am on the JV and Varsity basketball teams. Both teams are doing well and I hope they continue to get better.
I also have an interest in older cars. I love to work on them as well. I also love to fish. I never have much time to go, but I enjoy it when I have time. My favorite hobby of all time is hunting. Deer hunting is my favorite but I also go on many other hunts.

Future Plans

Next year I plan on going to vo-tech. After that I am not sure what I want to do. I would like to go to some kind of two year college or I might just get a job right out of high school. I don't know which I want to do yet but will hopefully make the right choice.

Thanks for visiting

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