Lances Web Page


  1. Mom-Stephanie
    My mom was born in Arkansas and loves to just hang around the house and rest.
  2. Dad-Scott
    My dad was born in Missouri and likes to watch basketball and work with cows.
  3. Sister-Cassie
    My sister was also born in Missouri and loves to play volleyball
  4. Dog-Pepper
    My dog is awsome. She doesn't say very much, but she is a great listener.


Likes Dislikes
  • Reality TV Shows
  • Duke Bluedevils
  • Sugarland
  • UCLA
  • Bad breath
  • The Lifetime Channel
  • Losing

  • Geography-Mr.LeGrand
  • Biology-Mrs.Horrell
  • Music-Mrs.Paige
  • Algebra-Mr.Thoma
  • Computers-Mrs.Nenninger
  • English-Mrs.Wineman
  • P.E.-Mr.Kinder
Leopold Wildcats