Welcome to
Kelly's Webpage!

~*AbOuT mE*~

Hi! My name is Kelly, and I'm a sophomore at Leopold. At Leopold I am a member of the Beta Club, Pep Club, Business Club, Concert Choir, and I am the Sophomore Class Vice President. I am also a member of CYC. I play volleyball, softball, and I keep books for the basketball team. My favorite thing to do in my spare time is to play softball. I also like to watch movies, take naps, and spend time with my friends and family.

~*FaVoRiTe ThInGs*~

Some of my favorite things are:

  1. The color Blue
  2. Care Bears!!!
  3. The Little Rascals
  4. A Walk to Remember
  5. Shrimp
  6. My Car
  7. El Torero's
  8. Going out
  9. Talking!
  10. Playing Softball
  11. Shoes and Clothes!
  12. Firebirds


My friends are extremely important to me and I love them all! Some of my best friends are *Kelly, *Janice, *Jenny, *Kayla, *Jordan, *Eric, *Corey, *Tyler, *and everyone in my class!
~*FuTuRe PlAnS*~

My future plans include finishing high school. After that I want to go to SEMO and get my Masters Degree in psychology. Hopefully after that I will get married sometime and have a happy family! Someday, maybe after I'm married, I hope to get my Doctorate Degree and become a professor.

~Thanks for Visiting!~

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