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Hey, this is my webpage. I know you didn't ask, but you are welcome to snoop around if you want to. No its ok, this site was made for you.

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I am very active in my time at Leopold by being apart of these clubs or groups.

Beta Club

This is my second year as a Beta Club member. It is an honor to be a part of such a group. This year one of my friends ran for state office and did a good job although he didn't win. The sponsors are Mrs. Cooper and Mr. Urhahn.

Business Club

I like being in the Business Club because every year if we are good enough we get to be put on a plaque that says Business Club Honor Roll. Now I feel I am a part of Leopold's history forever. The sponsor of the Business Club is Mrs. Nenninger.


I am also in Pep Club. In fact I am the President of this club for the 2006-2007 school year. This year we renamed the Club the BLUE CLAWS. This club is really active in sports her at Leopold. We go to all the athletic events to support our team. The sponsor of the Pep Club are Mrs. Nenninger.

Spirit Leading

This year was my first for spirit leading. I love going to the volleyball games and get the fans involved for cheering for the best volleyball team this area has to offer! The sponsor for the Spirit Leaders is Mrs. Nenninger.

Michael Jordan throwing it down!Basketball

In basketball, I played the post position for the Varsity squad.  I tried my best in games to help the team win which was somewhat successful because we won twelve games this year and hope to improve next year. The coach of the basketball team is Mr. Dugger.


For the baseball team, I played in the right field. In the previous years, I was mainly first base coach and helped with runners who got on base.  I learned a lot from my time spent at this position. I hope we will be even better this year. The coaches for the baseball team are Mr. Britt and Mr. Urhahn.


I am interested in many things even though I don't have a lot of hobbies. Here are a few:
watching movies
playing sports
talking on messenger
playing playstation
listening to music
browsing on the internet
St. Louis Rams
St. Louis Cardinals
University of Missouri Tigers
If you would like to go to the ESPN Website click here.


My family includes six people. My mom is Cindy. She is a very outgoing woman who always stays busy.  My dad is Lindy. He is retired and spends most of his time helping other people farm. My two brothers are Clayton and Dustin. Clayton likes sports and Dustin likes hunting. My sister is Ashley. She owns a sweet Mustang and works two different jobs. Then there is me, Jordan, the youngest of the family.


I have many friends that are dependable and are always there for me. Here includes the people on the exclusive V.I.P. list known as my friends: My class, my relatives, Tyler, Matt, Ben, Corey, Darren, Clayton, Dustin, Casey, Chelsey, Robin(Sweedie), Kaylee, Tony, Janice, Danielle, Shelby, Dana, Amy, Whitney, Jessica, Amber, Jenny, Kelly, Erin, Whitney, Lauren, Amber, Sierra, Billy, Tara, Tasha, and everyone else. If you are not on here, you are still my friend. It's just my mind gets a little fuzzy sometimes and I forget people. I know you will have it in your heart to forgive me.

School Schedule

Algebra III Mr. Thoma
Business Technology Mrs. Nenninger
Chemistry Mr. Britt
Spanish I Mrs. Ponder
Lunch Lunch
World History Mrs. Leimbach
Physical Education Mr. Dugger
English III Ms. Grisso

Future Plans

I don't really know what I am going to do after I graduate from high school. Here is a guess about what I might do.
Graduate High School
Go to College
Graduate from College
Go to work like everyone else.
Go Mizzou!  Boo KU!
P.S. If you want to look at one of my favorite colleges....just click this pic.

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Albert Pujols/ St. Louis Cardinals First Baseman

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