Joe's WebPage

Making Memories

Many memories are made in high school. I still have two years to go in high school and hopefully many memories to make. I have made many memories in high school already and hopefully I will make many more with my classmates, friends, family and others that I will meet later down the road. I hope when my classmates and I are older we will be able to look back on the great memories we made together.

My Future Plans

I am going to take a mechanic class at Vo-Tech my junior and senior years of high school.

After high school I am not sure where I want to work. I may try to find a job working on vehicles and try to learn enough to get a good paying job working on them. If I don't pursue my mechanic career I may help my dad lay brick and try to start a career of that.

My Hobbies

My Classes for High School

  1. American Government-Mr. LeGrand
  2. Biology-Mrs. Horrell
  3. Art-Mrs. Ponder
  4. Algebra II-Mr. Thoma
  5. Advanced Computers-Mrs. Nenninger
  6. English II-Mrs. Wineman
  7. P.E.-Mr. Kinder