Hannah's Super Duper Homepage!!

A Little About Me!

Well hello! My name is Hannah Mae Allen! I am fixin to be a SENIOR at Leopold High School! My immediate family consists of my Dad, Elijah, my Mom, Teresa, my older brother, Ethan(Meatpack), Me, and my little red headed brother Jared! I love  spending time with them but I also love spending time with my friends and with my big brother and my sister- in- law, Callie! Also, I play volleyball here. This will be my third and last year. I'm excited!  Keep reading my wonderful page!:) 


    1. Propel
    2. Watching Basketball
    3. Having fun
    4. Hugs!
    5. Playing Volleyball!
    6. Reeses
    7. Strawberries
    8. Mountain Dew
    9. Getting flowers
    10. The bell that dismisses school!


    Life... Is in the living in each day and hour.

    My future plans

    My future plans begin with graduating from Leopold High School. After I am finished here I really don't know for sure what I want to do with my life. I am interested in photography, so hopefully that will be at least a side job. I also for sure that I am going to college for whatever I decide to do. Other than that I don't really know. I also hope to one day be married and have a red headed family of my own.