Gary Poyner

Educational Background

Graduated from Scott City High School in 1997.

Graduated from Three Rivers Community College with an Associates of Arts Degree.

Graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree.


Teaching Experience

I have 20 years combined teaching and coaching experience. My experiences include; Delta, Oak Ridge, Woodland, and St. Vincent schools.I was also the Head Womenís Basketball Coach and Academic Advisor at Shawnee Community College.


Class Schedule

1st Hour†††††††††† Prep Period

2nd Hour††††††††† Jr. High Health

3rd Hour†††††††††† Jr. High P.E.

4th Hour†††††††††† Study Skills

5th Hour†††††††††† Elementary P.E.

6th Hour†††††††††† 12th Grade P.E.

7th Hour†††††††††† 9th and 10th Grade P.E.††



  Family (Optional)

I have been married to my wife Danielle for 15 years.We also have one daughter, Ava Grace.

Other Interests/Hobbies
I enjoy playing golf and spending time with my family when Iím not at the school or in the gym.

  Memorable Events
  My most memorable events would include the day of my wedding and the birth of my daughter.

Professional events would include participating in the district finals, and winning the Mississippi Valley conference tournament and regular season championships my first year at Leopold. I would also include my three Final Four appearances while coaching at Delta.

 Updated:Tuesday, October 19, 2021