Hello my name is Gavin. I go to school here at Leopold R-III until 2012. This is an awesome school. The teachers always care how we are doing in our classes.


I am in Beta Club, Business Club, and Pep Club. All of these I find very fun. In Beta Club we go to Beta Convention out in Branson every year. In Business Club we go to a different business in our area at the end of every year. Last, but not least, there is Pep Club. If you are a Pep Club member you have to attend at least five of the volleyball games or five basketball games. If you have five by the end of the season, you are able to go to the pizza party.

Hobbies of Mine

  1. Fishing
  2. Hunting

  3. Riding Fourwheelers
  4. Mudding
  5. Watching Nascar

  6. Cleaning my Iroc-Z

Favorite Music

Future Plans

In my future I want to have a job as a Fish and Game Warden or even a conservation agent. The reason why I want to be a Missouri Fish and Game Warden is because I love to be outside. I lile to be around animals. I think they are very interesting. Maybe I would like to do something with a fishery because I sure do love everything about fish. I have not decided whether or not I will be going into the Army or National Guard. If I have a choice between the two, I will most likely go with the National Guard.