Hello, my name is Emily! I am a sophomore a Leopold R-3 High School. I have a great family. My sister's name is Jessica. She is now in college and hoping to become an elementary teacher. She has one year left of college and very excited about beginning her new career. My mother Rhonda is a beautician. She is a very outgoing, loving, and always fun to be around. My father Larry is a welder. He is a very talented welder and can make many things. He also fixes up old cars for fun. I also have some animals. I have a miniature chihuahua named Ella. She is very full of life and always fun to play with. I also have rat-terrier named Sam. He enjoys going hunting with my dad and running all over the land around my house. My cat's name is Wilson. He is orange and has a very funny attitude.

My Class Schedule

  1. First Hour:
    Government-- Mr. LeGrand

  2. Second Hour:
    Biology-- Mrs. Horrell

  3. Third Hour:
    Art-- Mrs. Ponder

  4. Forth Hour:
    Algebra 2-- Mr. Thoma

  5. Fifth Hour:
    Advanced Computers-- Mrs. Nenninger

  6. Sixth Hour:
    English 2-- Mrs. Wineman

  7. Seventh Hour:
    Physical Education-- Mr. Thoma

Future Plans

When I get out of high school I hope to go to college. I really enjoy drawing and painting, so I would like to go into a career dealing with these things. I would also like to get married. Once I am out of college, I would also like to start a family. I may even move somewhere else. I love where I live now, but I would also like to travel the country and see new things.