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Hey my name is Elizabeth, I'm the youngest in my family. I have two older siblings, and they are Joshua my brother and Jessica my sister.  My parents are A.J.and Sharon. My dad has eight brothers and two sisters. My mom has nine brothers and two sisters; therefore, I have a very large family, and every holiday is a blast.

 My Favorite TV Shows

Jane and the Dragon
Big Bang Theory
BonesBones TV Show
The Mentalist
How I Met your Mother

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Unusuals


My Class Schedule




1st Algebra 3 Mr.Thoma
2nd Advanced Computers  Mrs. Nenninger
3rd Journalism Mrs. Wineman
4th Current Events Mr. LeGrand
5th World History Mr. LeGrand
6th Spanish Mrs. Ponder
7th English 3 Mrs. Wineman

After School Activities

  •   Beta Club
  •   Volleyball
  •   Softball
  •   Choir
  •   Blue Claws
  •   Business Club
  •   CYC
  •   USAV


    Things I Like

    Future Plans

    After high school--well, I do not know right now what I want to do. So I will ether go to collage or join the military. I do not know what branch I would join but military is an option. I have not made my mind up yet, but I know I will go to collage ether way.

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