David's Homepage


  1. Dad-Bob
  2. Mom-Becky
  3. Brother=Eric
  4. Austin=Like a brother

Do in My Free Time

I like to collect John Deere Die Cast metal toy tractors. I enjoy collecting them to see how much money I could collect when I sell them. Every Christmas I get diffrent John Deere toy tractors from my grandma and grandpa. My grandpa was the person who started me in the John Deere collecting phase. He gave me a real tractor for my 9th birthday that cost around 500,000 dollars. I really like to work on the farm with my grandpa, and like to collect things, but the one thing I like to do is play basketball. I like to practice playing basketball and like to watch it on T.V. too.

My Favorite Things

Future Plans

My future plans are going to a four year college for playing basketball. If I don't get drafted to the NBA to play on the Chicago Bulls, I want to be good enough that I would be noticed after four year in college to be drafted into one of the top ten picks. I would try to major in being a sports trainer for the NBA hopefully the Chicago Bulls. I would like to live on a farm in Leopold and raise cattle, chickens, and horses. Then I would like to retire early and live my life to the fullest. I would like to travel around the world and hunt in every state in the United States and Africa.