Darren's Webpage

About Me

My name is Darren and I'm a Junior at Leopold High School. I enjoy playing basketball, hunting, and just messing around. I play for the varsity team here at Leopold. During the spring and summer I play AAU basketball. During the fall and winter I hunt. I bow hunt during the fall and rifle hunt in the winter. When rifle season is over, I go back to bow hunting. Then when spring rolls around I'm turkey hunting. Turkey hunting is my favorite kind of hunting. I enjoy just messing around in Leopold with my buddies. I really enjoy watching college basketball too.

    Favorite Basketball Teams

  • Kansas
  • Villanova
  • Illinois
  • North Carolina
  • Davidson 
    1. Favorite Basketball Players

    2. "Pistol" Pete Maravich
    3. Tyler Hansbrough
    4. Adam Morrison
    5. Brandon Rush
    6. Larry Bird
    7. Stephen Curry

    My Future Plans

    I am looking forward to see what my future will bring. After High School I plan on going to college somewhere. I'd like to get a scholarship to play college basketball. After college I'd like to do electrical work. I plan on getting married and raising a small family. I plan on living in Leopold for the rest of my life.