Hey!  My name is Danielle, I'm a 17 years old Junior at Leopold High School, and welcome to my webpage!



My Family

 1.Stan, my dad is the General Manager at Crader's Distrubuting in Marble Hill.

     When he isn't at Crader's he is working around, and being a great dad!

 2.Amber, my mom is a Speach Teacher at Zalma R-V. When she's not at

     work she is taking care of our house, and being a great mom!

 3.Danielle(me), I like to play volleyball and hang out with my friends.

 4.Mackenzie, my sister is a Freshmen.  She likes to play the violin, volleyball, hang out with her

     friends, and study.

 5.Zach, my brother is in 4th Grade.  He likes to play basketball, baseball. He likes to hunt and

     fish with his dog Rascal.

My Family after our volleyball team got 3rd at State



   High School Volleyballl

     USAV(Club Volleyball)


    Beta Club

   Blue Claws

    Business Club

    Concert Choir

     Hanging out with friends

    Going out on the weekends

     Watching movies


     Talking on the phone

     Talking on Facebook





My Friends

I have a lot of friends some of them are :

*Chelsea B.
*Jessica B.
*Matt M.
*Mrs. Nenninger
*My Class
*Taylor A.
*Taylor W.
*Volleyball team
*Whittney L.
*Whitney V.
I'm Sorry if I forgot anyone!


 Jessica, Kaylee, April, and Me at Beta Convention          Whittney, Shelby, and Me at Beta Convention

                            Thanks for visiting my Webpage!