Claudia's Webpage


My family consits of:


One of my favorite things to do when I am by myself is read the twilight books. Also I will hang out with my friends at the mall or at their houses. Most of all I love watching TV. Some of my favorite shows are:
Movies are also on top of my list. The greatest ones of all are:


I am curently in:
  1. Concert Chior for 2 years
  2. Pep Club for 2 years
  3. Business Club 1st year
  4. Beta Club 1st year

Future Plans

I plan on going to college, but I am not sure where yet. Also hope to have the time of my life in finding Mr. Right. Also I plan to hang out with my family and make more memories with them all. Not only, that but I also hope to get a great job out of school and make a great deal of money to support my family.

Thanks For Dropping By!!