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Welcome to My Home Page! John Deere Tractor

My Family
Mom- works at Regional Land & Titles Services in Jackson.  Her hobbies are baking desserts, quilting, and gardening
Dad- works as a farmer.   His hobbies are watching farm shows, buying equipment at auctions and reading farm magazines
Melissa- works at Southeast Hospital.  Her hobbies are reading romantic books, playing with her kids, and eating chocolate.  In the summers she plays horseshoe tournaments
Ronnie- works at Colby's Stone Company in Cape, Peters Supply, and Brett Seile.  His hobbies are fishing, hunting, and reading James Patterson
Beth- is in First Grader.   Her hobbies are watching Disney movies, coloring, and riding 4-wheelers  (Melissa and Ron's daughter)
Connor- 5 years old, will begin school in August of 2009.  His hobbies are riding tractors, 4-wheelers, looking at tractor pictures in magazines and books, going to auctions in Sikeston        (Melissa and Ron's son)
Piper- 9 months, my godchild.  Her hobby is beginning outside        (Melissa and Ron's daughter)
Michael- works at Consolidated Grain in Scott City and farms.  His hobbies are truck mudden and driving tractors
Annette- works at Consolidated Grain in Scott City.  Her hobbies are shopping and playing with her son, Kelby
Kelby- 2 1/2 years old.  His hobbies are tractors, going to TRACTOR auctions with his dad, and loves Thomas the Train.   (Annette and Michael's son)
Scott- works at Agra Grow in Cape and farms.  His hobbies are going to tractor auctions, feeding his cows, watching UFC wrestling, "My Name is Earl", college basketball, and St. Louis Cardinals baseball.   In the summer he plays for the Leopold men team
David- works as a farmer.   His hobbies are mudden with his Jeep, hunting, working on motors, fixing/building things, and camping
Angel- works as a secretary in a medical office in Cape. Her hobbies are napping, listening to music, and hanging out with Keagin
Keagin- 2 1/2 years old, loves Thomas the Train, plays with tractors, and hang out with his daddy when they go driving
Deanna- works at Southeast Hospital with a radio... program.  Her hobbies are 4-wheeler rides and garage sales.
Chris- works at MODOT in Marble Hill and a firefighter in Leopold.  His hobbies are hunting, driving in his mudden truck, fishing and cutting wood
Garrett- 1 1/2 years old.  His hobbies are playing with tractors, riding the 4-Wheeler, looking at tractor magazines, and petting farm animals     (Deanna @and Chris's son)
Fayelinn- 5 months old, loves to walk around and be outside.
Tina- works at Consolidated Grain in Scott City.  Her hobbies are planting flowers, 4-wheelers, camping, Nascar, bowling, Billy Madison, 1990's Country Music, and Pepsi.
Chad- he is going to be my new brother-in-law  in Oct. 2010, he works as a farmer and at Coke-Cola Company.  His hobbies are hunting, riding his 4-wheeler, watching western movies and Dukes of Hazzard
Cassie- work on my dad's farm.  I cook, clean, feed animals, haul hay bales in the summer, baby-sit my nieces and nephews, and do what my parents tell me to do.  Also I let my family borrow money from me

My Friends

Chelsey  Been my BEST friend since the 7th Grade
Darren Been my BEST friend since his family and my family grew very close 
Class of 2010 They respected me all the way up through High School
Wade  Been my best friend since the middle of last year, we grew very close in this first semester.  We have a lot of things in common. 
My Future Plans
Next year, I am planning to go to the Career Center in Cape. I am going to graduate high school, get a job at a daycare service in Leopold.  I am going to live in Leopold or Glennon, buy some land from my dad and raise chickens, ducks, cows, and horses. The next year, my dreams may change..., I just have to take one day at a time.
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My Favorites
Shows: NCIS, CSIs, One Tree Hill, and 90210 the BEST
Movies:  all of The Fast and the Furious movies, Anacondas movies, and Sports movies
TV & Movie Characters: Michael Weatherly, Rob Morrow, Adam Sandler, and Paul Walker
Country Singers: Kenny Chesney, Craig Morgan, Rodney Atkins


North Carolina Tar Heel (Tyler Hansbrough)
Mississippi State (Ben Hansbrough) Indianapolis Colts (Peyton Manning)
New York Giants (Eli Manning) St. Louis Cardinals
Marion Miners
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