Hey, well yeah, welcome to my page. Oh, and please make sure to wipe your shoes.

About Me

Well first off, my name is Carson. I also am known as The Ghostface Killah One Armed Bandit Bolivian Falcon. But, it's whatever. I am a sophomore here at Leopold R3. I started going to school here in 6th grade. I moved to Leopold from Charelston, Missouri. I am 16 years of age. I am currently driving such a BEAST of a car. It's an 05' Pontiac Sunfire (as John says,"SunFLOWER"). I know, be jelous. I like to think of myself as spiderman. Because he's just the coolest, and I strongly dislike batman.


Wow. My family. My family is made up of my Dad, Richard a.k.a.-Tony, Mom, Caroline, and sister, Kaylee. My Mom works for the Department of Family Social Services. My sister is 18 and a senior here at Leopold. My family has our ups and downs, but what family doesn't. I love my family and I'm glad to call them my family.

Hobbies/My Likes