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I am invloved in a few school-related activities. These include Pep Club, Business Club, and Beta Club.

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My interests include driving and fixing my 1968 Chevrolet truck and 1969 AMC Rambler, surfing the web for new parts, talking to my friends online, playing video games, and watching TV. Some of my favorite TV shows are My Classic Car, Trucks!, Horsepower TV, Aqua Teen Hungerforce, Saturday Night Live, Best Week Ever, Family Guy, and The Soup, as well as many shows on both the History and Discovery Channels. My favorite magazines are Super Chevy and Car Craft.

How my Ramlber looked originalHow my Rambler looks now

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My family consists of:

My Classes

  1. Business Technology
  2. Algebra 3
  3. Chemistry
  4. Spanish 1
  5. World History
  6. P.E.
  7. English 3


My hobbies include working on vehicles and buying new parts for vehicles. I like to prime, sand, and paint old cars.I also like to work on automotive electrical systems, especially installing car stereos. I really like Chevrolet vehicles, but lately I have added an AMC to my collection. Even though I don't like Ford, I could respect their good cars(not the Pinto, Topaz, Tempo, Maverick, Focus, Festiva, Taurus, Bronco, or Probe). Dodge gets some respect too, excluding Charger II, Neon, Stratus, Power Ram 50, Durango, D-150 Shortbed. I also like to work driving tractors on our farm for my dad, especially Grandpa's old John Deere 2510 (an example of one is shown to the left). I also enjoy working on the racing lawnmower with my team, Tyler and Alfred. Our lawnmower is powered by a 15-horse Briggs and Stratton Engine.


Here is a list of some of my favorite bands.

Future Plans

First, I want to graduate from Leopold near the top of my class. Then, I plan to attend college to learn to become either an architect or an automotive designer. When I have enough money, I want to buy and restore old vehicles, as well as own my own home, but not necessarily build it. Eventually, I will get married and start a family.

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