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I take part of many activities. I am in the BETA Club.This is my first year in BETA so im pretty excited. Teressa Cooper is the sponsor of the BETA Club. Im in the Business Club. We usually go on a field trip every year. The Business Club sponsor is Mrs. Nenninger. I'm also in the Pep Club. Mrs. Nenninger is also the sponsor of it. We cheer for the volleyball team during volleyball season and cheer for the basketball team during basketball season.


I play the only two sports we have at Leopold. I play on the basketball team. Our basketball coach is Mr. Dugger. I've been playing basketball since 4th grade. I play the point gaurd and shooting gaurd position. We one the Meadow Heights tournement this year. We had the best Junior Varsity record last year. I also play baseball. I've played baseball since 1st grade. Our baseball coach is Mr. Britt, our science teacher. I used to play second base, then i started playing outfield. Now since im playing highschool baseball a play second base again.

Interest/Things I Like To Do

I Like to do many things for fun. I like to hang out with my friends on the weekends at the KC Hall. I like to go to movie nights at Lauren and Whittneys house. I like to drive my truck around and waist all my gas. My brother Corey and I like to work on cars and trucks in our spare time. I like to play basketball and baseball also. Things that interests me are big, loud trucks and fast cars. Another thing that interests me is hunting.

Class Schedule

  1. English-Mrs. Grisso
  2. Geography-Mr. Legrand
  3. Art-Mrs. Ponder
  4. Algebra II-Mr. Thoma
  5. Science-Mr. Britt
  6. Computers-Mrs. Nenninger
  7. P.E.-Coach Dugger