My Family!

My family consits of my brother, D.J., my mother, Nancy, my father, Jeff, and my step mother, Robin. My mother is a dietition for the state. My father works on a barge. (A barge is a large boat that is used to move all the rocks and sand to the side of a river so that large boats can go through). My stepmom works for Blue Cross Blue Sheild. My brother is currently a student at Leopold. He is a freshmen, and he plays basketball and baseball. We have two dogs, Dingo and Phattie, and a cat, Smokie. My dad and Robin also has two dogs, Smokey and Lady Bird. They also have a stray cat that they feed and take care of!


Favorite Movies

Anything Scary!

Anything with Leonardo DiCaprio!

I'll watch anything! Movies rock!!!

My Class!



Favorite Quotes

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My Class Schedule

Classes by Hour
Hour Class Teacher
1st Government Mr. LeGrand
2nd Biology Mrs. Horrell
3rd Art Mrs. Ponder
4th Algebra II Mr. Thoma
5th Advanced Computers Mrs. Nenninger
6th English II Mrs. Vinson
7th Gym Mr. Thoma

Clubs, Sports, and Activities!

  1. Business Club
  2. CYC
  3. Beta Club
  4. Pep Club
  5. Concert Choir
  6. Volleyball
  7. Softball

Future Plans

I plan on graduating from high school here at Leopold R III in the year of 2012! After graduation I am going to take a trip to Paris, France! I want to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and visit Versailles! After that, I want to move to Pensecola, Florida. I am going to live with my best friend Lauryn! There is a naval base close to Pensecola, and we are going to join together. After we get out I want to go to college to study to be either a doctor, a math teacher, or a veterinarian! I want to get married, move to Paris and start a family of my own, and maybe even adopt a child. If I don't move to Paris, I at least want to visit the great City of Lights for vacations!

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