Hey! My name is Andrea, and I am a Sophomore at Leopold High School. Welcome to my hompage!

~My Family~
Dad~My dad is Michael. He works at Proctor & Gamble. On his days off he likes to farm and spending time with his family.
Mom~My mom is Gina. She cleans houses for a living. In her free time she likes to spend time with her family & friends.
Samantha~Sam is my oldest sister. She is attending SEMO in the field of Elementary Education.
Jessica~Jess is my older sister. She is a Senior at Leopold High School. She loves cheerleading and spending time with her friends.

~Class Schedule~
1. Government~Mr. LeGrand
2. Biology~Mrs. Horrell
3. Art~Mrs. Ponder
4. Algebra II~Mr. Thoma
5. Advanced Computers~Mrs. Nenninger
6. English II~Mrs. Wineman
7. Physical Education~Mr. Thoma

~My Activities~

~My Favorite Shows and Movies~
*One Tree Hill*Secret Life of the American Teenager*Jon & Kate plus 8*The Hills*The City*Private Practice*Grey's Anatomy*90210*Army Wives*Reba*CSI: Miami*Gilmore Girls*Gossip Girl*P.S. I Love You*Footloose*What Happens in Vegas*He's Just Not That Into You*Twilight*

~My Future Plans~
As of right now I don't exactly know what I want to do. I want to move out of state to go to college. After college, however, I want to get married, start a family, and move back to Leopold.

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Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed my webpage!