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About Me

CLICK ON US!!! I am currently a sophomore here at Leopold High School. I love my family and friend; they are everything to me. I love the ocean and almost everything to do with it. I really like dolphins; that is my favorite part of the ocean. I am friends with everyone I meet unless they have a really mean personality or if they are rude to me. I also don't like people that hover over me all the time; I like my space. Dogs are my favorite pets because they can run and play better outside better than cats or fish. My favorite dog is any small breed that is cute and cuddley. I like them when they are puppies because it is cool to teach them tricks. I enjoy shopping, going to the movies, hanging around the house, and COOKING!!!! I LOVE COOKING!



Clubs and Activities

  1. Beta Club
  2. Concert Choir
  3. Pep Club
  4. Business Club

Future Plans

My future plans are to graduate from Leopold High School in 2009. Then I will attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York for 2-4 years so I can get my Bachelor degree in Culinary Arts Management then I will get my Associates degree in Culinary Arts and Baking/Pastry Arts. Then I will come back to Missouri open a restaurant. Then I will get married, settle down and raise a family while running a restaurant. I can't wait to get started to the wonderful world that waits for me outside of these LHS walls.

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