Amy's Workspace.

Come in. Relax. It's not an office, it is a workspace.

Hello visitor. Thank you for visiting my page. I hope it you enjoy it. I'm Amy. I'm a Junior at Leopold High School. That is pretty much my life story. Learn more below.


The only thing in this world that keeps me going and keeps me sane is music, so naturally it is my favorite thing in this world! Hereis a list of the bands that I have a very strong love for. (If you see a star (*) beside them, it means I have witnessed them perform a concert!)

Television Shows

Along with having a deep obsession for music, I have a strange fascination with television shows. Some of these television shows include:


Loving television shows naturally means I love extremely long television shows that don't come on weekly, aka movies. I love movies. A list of my favorite movies can be found below.


I also enjoy reading some books such as these:


I have some friends and here is a small list detailing the people I spend most of my time with.

Future Plans

I am planning on leaving this town and moving to Chicago, Ill. as soon as I possibly can. This means right after I graduate, I will find an acceptable college in the Chicago area and move there to attend it. I haven't decided which college I want to attend but it will most likely be the one with the best scholarships! While in college, I plan to study psychology and become a professional psychologist! If this doesn't pan out, I'll probably just be some famous actress on Saturday Night Live or something along those lines. I don't ever plan on moving back to Leopold but who knows things can change.