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About Me

My name is Colby and I am currently a junior at Leopold High School. I was born on April 25, and I have lived in Marble Hill, MO. I enjoy my life as a student despite some things. I have achived all A's in all my classes my whole life.

This website is going to be about me. It will show my likes, dislikes, family, classes, and my future plans for when I graduate. It will be a fun informational trip that I will show you. Read on to see what I like.



ramsThere are many stuff that I like in my life. Some of my likings include playing video games, watching TV, and playing football. One of my all-time favorite sports is football, and the team that I like is the Los Angeles Rams (once called the St. Louis Rams; they moved, but I still like them.) I like baseball and hockey, too, and my two favorite teams from each of those sports is the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues.The Cardinals have won 11 championships, while the Blues have none...yet. I also like getting good grades on my assignments. cardinals

bluesOf course, I have some dislikes in my life as well. One of them is the Cardinals' rival, the Chicago Cubs. Unlike the Cards, the Cubs have won 2 championships, the last one being in 1908. Another dislike is the Blues' rival, the Chicago Blackhawks, and also bad grades on any homework assignment. I always want to pass any class that I get.


The classes that I am having this year are quite hard, but I am going through with them. The first class that I have is Algebra III with Ms. Thiele. It is a very hard class, but when I get the hang of something in there, I do well. For second hour, I have Business Technology with Ms. Brotherton, which I think is a very easy class. My third hour class is Sociology, a college class with Mr. Sauer, and it is the most challenging of all.

The fourth class is Spanish with Mrs. Ponder, and I must say that it is another easy class for me. Once I got what one Spanish sentence means, I zoom by every one of them. After lunch, the fifth class that I have is World History with Mr. Sauer again. The last two classes that I have are Biology with Mrs. Horrell and English III with Mrs. Robins. The list of classes are shown in the table below.

Class Hour Teacher
Algebra III
Ms. Thiele
Business Technology
Ms. Brotherton
Mr. Sauer
Mrs. Ponder
World History
Mr. Sauer
Mrs. Horrell
English III
Mrs. Robins


My family consists of my mom and dad, Michele and Jeff. It also includes my Papaw on my mom's side and my Grandma Nettie and Grandpa Marvin on my dad's side. Grandpa John and Myrtle are on my dad's side, too. My family on my mom's side includes Aunt Lise and Uncle Rick, who live in Virginia.

I have lots of cousins, too; Garrett and Klara are two of them. Others are Jessica, Ben, Bradley, Brandon, Brett, Josie, and Julia, and Wyatt and Uncle Bob. All of them live in Perryville and Patton, respectively. In conclusion, I have a large family.

Future Plans

I haven't decided on what I would like to be yet; there are some examples, though. The first occupation that I would like is a sports announcer. Some people say that I have a radio voice, and I like that. Another occupation is to become a storyboard artist for movies and cartoons because I have good drawing skills.

The third and last job I would like is a voice actor. I can imitate any type of voice that I hear, and it's really unique. These are the three occupations that I would like once I get out of school. I don't know which one I will be, but I will think about it.