Maci's World

About Me:

Hi my name is Maci. I am currently a sophomore at Leopold High School. I have went to Leopold since second grade. My kindergarten and first grade years I went to Woodland High School. I went to Peryville Hight School part of my seventh grade year. My father, Adam, is currently working out on the road. He is the youngest of three children. My mother, Kristin, is the Chief of Police in Marble Hill. She is the youngest girl of seven kids. I have two half siblings; Summer, she is the oldest of the three. She has a 1 year old daughter named Tatum and is engaged to Jaden. When she was in school she played softball, volleyball, and was a cheerleader. Nathan is my half-brother. He is the middle child and is a senior this year. He plays basketball and use to play baseball. I also have another sister, Bayleigh, but she isn't really my blood sister. She lived with my family her freshman year of high school through her senior year of high school. She as two sons, Maxwell and Easton. Maci, me, will graduate in 2024 and play softball, volleyball, and I am a cheerleader. To know more read below.



  1. Watching Movies
  2. Reading
  3. Playing Sports
  4. Fishing
  5. Four-Wheelers
  6. Spending time with friends and family


My Schedule

Future Plans:

My future plan is to become a teacher. I want to get that degree from either Colorado State Universtiy in Fort Collins, CO, or Washington University in St. Louis,Mo. I want to be married by mid-30's to late-30's and I want 3-5 kids.


  1. Dogs
  2. Cats
  3. Volleyball
  4. Softball
  5. Cheerleading
  6. Pizza
  7. Tacos
  8. Mac & Cheese
  9. Twilight Movies
  10. Harry Styles
  11. One Direction


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