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A Little About Me

My name is Addison, but most people call me Addie. I am currently a sophomore at Leopold R-3. I am a member of Beta Club, Pep Club, Business Club, and Concert Choir. I enjoy playing sports. I play volleyball and softball. In volleyball my position is a middle. I play short stop for the softball team. I also love being outside and hanging out with friends. I love watching scary movies and taking naps on rainy days. I'm also in love with the sky. I absolutelt love taking pictures of sunsets. Another thing I really enjoy doing is singing. I am also really outgoing and I absolutely love meeting new people.

My Family

My family is extremely important to me. My mom, Melinda, is the sweetest human. She would do anything for anyone. My dad, Scott, thinks he is hilarious. He pushes me to accomplish all of my goals, and is my biggest supporter in the bleachers. Lastly, my brother, Drew, is my bestie. However, he loves to get on my nerves. Paige Olivia is also practically part of the fam. She is my bestest friend, and she is always there for me.

My Future Plans

In the future I plan to go to Maryville University in St. Louis to study to become an Occupational Therapist. I plan to get married and raise my kids close to home. I would love to have four kids. My dream ever since I was little was to live in a house with cows in the front, so if that doesn't happen I did something wrong. Thanks for taking the time to show interest in my life.

My Best Friends

  • Paige
  • Keegan
  • Will
  • Brady
  • Mason
  • Caleb
  • Connor
  • Brooke
  • Kinslee
  • sunset


  • cows
  • sweet tea
  • pictures
  • music
  • summer
  • the beach
  • sunsets

  • Dislikes

  • being wrong
  • making decisions
  • fake people
  • spiders
  • Hobbies

    1. hanging with friends
    2. playing volleyball
    3. being outside
    4. watching baseball
    5. listening to music
    6. singing
    7. baseball


    baby cow title=



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