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About Me!

Hi! My name is, Karolyne! I am currently a Leopold Sophomore. I have been going to Leopold since the 5th grade. And I have lived in Leopold since 2013.

All of my cousins, aunt’s, uncle’s grandparents have lived here or have grown up here. I absolutely love food. Like a lot. Honestly probably more than you. :)

My favorite color honestly depends on my mood. Some days I like Blue. Other days I like Red. Or maybe want everything purple. Who knows? It’s the same way with food.

I might want a smoothie or some burgers. But I also absolutely love Chinese. The orange chicken, fried rice, honey walnut shrimp, this is all so good! I LOVE IT.





My Human Family consists of 6 people. My Mother, Father, My oldest sibling Ryan, My Sister Kaleigh and then my little Brother Karsen. My whole family is eight things, my parents,

siblings and then my sisters cat Echo he is all black and from a shelter. Then thier is Thor, we defiantly call him that for a reason! When he goes “crazy” it’s like thunder and lighting.

It also doesn’t help that he is a full bred German Shepherd. But we love him. Sometimes…

dog cat

Wanna learn more about German Shepherds? Click here!

Do you want to adopt any pets like cats or dogs who don’t have a home? Click here!





  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Hanging out with my friends
  • Drawing (But I'm not good at it)





    Couple of my Friends and there Famous Quotes!

    1. Lauren "Not today Satan"
    2. Kyleigh "Solid"
    3. Emma *says everything and knows everything*
    4. Hunter *just talks and nobody listens*
    5. Megan "WOW! I see how it is!"


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