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A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skillful Sailor


My family consist of two parents a brother and a sister. My mother's name is Kristin she is 36 and works in law enforcement, she currently works in Perryville as a jailer. Some of the things my mom likes doing for fun is hanging out with her husband and her fabulous children, FISHING. Some foods that she likes would be dirt pudding an didk what else. My fathers name is Adam, he is 39 and does construction. Some things my father does in his free time is wash the truck because its his baby. hang out with family and friends, and he loves to CAMP. My sister is Maci,she is 11 and in the 6th grade here at Leopold. She currently plays on the Jr. High basketball team, she plays softball during the summer and was a cheerleader for 1 year. she loves to swim get dirty and have fun. My brother is Nathan,he is currently in the 8th grade here at Leopold, he is 14. he also plays for the Leopold Jr. High basketball team. He loves to hang out with friends annoy his sisters he loves swimmimg and being with dad. It Is Better To Aim For The Stars And Drag Your Feet In The Treetops Than To Aim For The Treetops And drag Your Feet In The Mud.


friend-a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond so some friends would have to be
  1. Kyleigh W.
  2. Sam H.
  3. Jarron A.
  4. Kara H.
  5. Lindsey D.
  6. Jace J.
  7. Sami E.
  8. Gwen F.
  9. Jacob E.
  10. luke E.
  11. Jenny V.
  12. Jenna G.
  13. Cole L.
  14. Jon E.
  15. Kane(Pedro) D.
  16. Beth L.
  17. Madeline E.
  18. Haley B.
  19. kyla B.
  20. Madison E.
  21. Mya E.
  22. Zoe E.
  23. Damon W.
  24. Paige D.
  25. jared N.
  26. Cameron D.
  27. bayleigh G.
Dont Call It A Dream Call It A Plan


some hobbies of mine incude:

go out with friends




sand volleyball

Just Because THE PAST Didnt turn Out The Way You Wanted It To Doesnt Mean YOUR FUTURE Cant Be Better Than You Imagined

Okay so i like a very few things but i hate most things just to get that out there so my likes my not be as long as my dislikes "kapeesh".


  • music
  • food
  • some people
  • sports
  • The diffrence Between School And Life? In school you're taught a lesson and then given the test.In life You're given the test that then teaches you a lesson.


  • CATS
  • hot dogs
  • scary movies
  • clowns
  • anything to do with the circus
  • remember you are just human && you will make mistakes!!!

    This is a little bit about me with family, hobbies, likes, dislikes. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed making it for you guys. Thank you fo taking the time to look at my webpage.

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