Lindsey Mae


My father's name is Charles. He is originally from Essex, Missouri. He was raised on a small cotton farm. He has three brothers and comes from a big family. My dad enjoys fishing, working on vehicles, and throwing horseshoes. He went to college, but now works for Black River Electric. My mom's name is Sherry. She is from Cape Girardeau, and attended Southeast Missouri University. She is a registered nurse and now works as a supervisor for Pyramid Home Health. My mom likes to ride horses and reading. Lacey, my sister, graduated from Leopold in 2012. She now attends Southeast Missouri University and will soon be a registered Behavioral Analyst. Lacey enjoys seeing her friends and hiking. I also have two very cute dogs and two cats. I love them all very much.

ldfluff ldyukon


  1. Reading
  2. Playing volleyball and watching SEMO volleyball
  3. Playing the Piano
  4. BETA Club
  5. Choir


  • Fish
  • Broccoli
  • Zebra stripes
  • Golf
  • The color yellow
  • Football

Future Plans

After high school, I plan to attend college. I would like to attend Southeast Missouri University or a college in St. Louis. I hope that I will pursue a degree in the medical field. After college, I would like to settle down and have a family. I think I would prefer to live in a bigger city and have a stable job. When I am older, I would enjoy traveling different parts of the world. I would love to go to Athens, Greece, Sicily, Italy, Santorini, Greece, and Tenerife, Spain.


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