About Me

My name is Jenna and I am currently 15 years old and a sophomore at Leopold High School. I am a member of Business Club and Pep Club. I also play softball and I cheerlead. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and playing with Snapchat filters. Something unique about me is that I got part of my spleen removed. It was fun! Not really, but I've also had knee surgery and I broke both my arms...at the same time! For my future plans I want to attend SEMO and be a pediatric nurse, (ironic right) and then start a family. I have a rather large family! My parents have been married for 17 years. My dad works at Blattner Steel Company as their Shop Foreman, and he also supervises the work crew. My mother works for MBCH Children and Family Ministries and she supervises staff and secures funding for their program. My parents are definitely two of my biggest role models. They are hands down the greatest people in my life! I also have 1 older sister, 2 younger brothers and one on the way. :) My sibilings make me extremely crazy at times, but we have many great memories together.

  1. Jackie(Father)
  2. Jennifer(Mother)
  3. Brittany(Sister)
  4. Jenna(ME)
  5. Korbin(Brother)
  6. Simon(Brother)
  7. Baby(Brother not yet born)
"Our family is just the right amount of chaos and love"



  • Cluster
  • Carrots and Broccoli
  • Tennis (seriously, it's so boring)
  • English
  • Horror movies
  • Chocolate
  • Summer (I love the school break, but my hair doesn't like the heat)
  • Homework


  • Photography
  • Baking
  • Decorating