Jon Sauer

 7-12 Social Studies  


Educational Background:

Graduated from Red Bud High School (Red Bud, IL) in 2008


Graduated from Southwestern Illinois College with an Associates in Arts in 2010

Graduated from Southern-Illinois University-Carbondale with a Bachelor of Science in History Education in 2013

Teaching Experience:

Student taught in Christopher, IL where I taught High School Geography, Government, and Current Events

Other student teaching experiences include U.S. History and World History

Seventh year teaching at Leopold R-III, teaching social studies and Dual Credit including psycology and sociology

Plans for this year:

I plan to have a successful year preparing students for college and life outside of school.  I plan on focusing and using multiple primary and secondary sources to make History seem exciting and important.   



I have a wife and a daughter.

Other Interests/Hobbies

Sports: Baseball (Cardinals), Hockey (Blues), and Basketball (Duke).  Pop-culture junkie.  Obviously I like reading and learning about History, and occasionally I might read a book.

Memorable Events

Traveling to Spain, London, Mexico, Dominican Republic

Seeing a game at Fenway in Boston; I also loved Camden Yards in Baltimore
Seeing Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) perform “The Wall”

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